this is my life..

nothing can take me away from that

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So. If you don’t know. Yes I do hold a lot of my emotions inside of me. Yes I fake my smile everyday. No I don’t need help. I am strong and can overcome the worst. Even if that means that what I do is stupid, or irrational. I’m a person that has pain accumulated from let Down after let down. If you can understand that about me. Then you will know the real me. I might seem all happy go lucky but my eyes tell a store that my smile will never be able to tell. If you know my soul I’m just a caring person that enjoys seeing others smile because I know that if I can make someone smile, they wouldn’t feel how I do. I don’t smile when I’m alone. I don’t talk when I’m alone. I don’t do anything while I’m alone. All I have are my thoughts and maybe something to take the edge off. People tell me I should stop smoking and drinking so heavily but it’s not my fault. If you were in the position where I am you would understand. They say I am too co-dependent. But in reality I want someone to depend on me. So I’m going to share my one dream in the world. It’s to get married and start a family. Nights like this one make me want to skip growing up and have my future. I want to wake up to someone. I want the happiness only something like that can give. Once you get a taste of happiness that’s all you want. So if you see me smile. Look at my eyes first. They will tell the story themselves